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Road Service

The design of our road service trucks has been continually refined since we built our first truck in 1977. Each truck, in addition to a compressor, welder and cutting torch has a computer controlled inventory of 400+ unique parts designed to make PM's and Road Calls as cost effective and thorough as possible.

Many accounts that have come to us over the years were once serviced by individuals or small companies with mobile service trucks. In most cases our customer was enticed by low hourly rates, not realizing they were paying for more time than the repair should have taken, due to a mechanics inexperience or lack of proper tools and equipment.

In many cases brakes that should have been replaced, a leaking brake chamber, missing door hold-back, frayed door cable or leaking roof patch weren't addressed simply because they didn't have the parts on the truck or "they would do it next time".

While performing an FHWA we have found recently replaced brakes with grooved brake drums that should have been replaced. We have gone on road calls to DOT stops for rotted brake chambers and rehung doors knocked off because of a missing door hold-back. We have seen drivers on workman's compensation with back injuries suffered while lifting a door with a broken cable and freight damaged by leaking roof patches.

All these examples were on recently serviced trailers and could have been avoided with a properly trained and supervised mechanic working in a well equipped service truck. Each field mechanic is backed by the full resources of American Truck & Trailer, managers with decades of experience and a full support staff with a commitment to providing the best possible service in the most cost effective manor.