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RoaDor Manufacturing Ltd. Limited Warranty

RoaDor Manufacturing Ltd. (herein called the "RoaDor") warrants to the original purchaser or end user (herein called the "Customer"), that it will replace with similar parts from RoaDor any parts which within the Time Schedule below after the original invoice date from RoaDor, are proven to the satisfaction of RoaDor to have been defective at the time it was sold, provided that all parts claimed by RoaDor shall be returned, properly identified and freight prepaid to RoaDor. RoaDor reserves the right to change or discontinue parts without notice and in such cases replacement parts will be the current most similar available part.

This warranty covers only manufacturing defects in material and workmanship of RoaDor products. In no event shall RoaDor be responsible or liable to anyone for indirect, special, punitive, incidental or consequential damages or loss in any form. No warranty of any kind applies to RoaDor products which have been damaged or have failed because of accident, fire, flood, lightning, hurricane, tornado, winds, storm or other acts of God, harmful chemicals including cleaning compounds, fumes or vapors, air pollution, war, vandalism, neglect, improper or unauthorized installations, improper or unauthorized alterations or repairs, improper or lack of maintenance and service, neglect, improper use or abuse, excessive heat exposure and all other causes beyond RoaDor's control. This warranty is voided if the Customer causes RoaDor products to be painted or decaled without prior approval from RoaDor by using materials that can result in high heat build up. This warranty is not transferable or assignable and proof of purchase as the original Customer may be required.

Time Schedule:

Door Components:
5 Years: Panels: Limited warranty that the panels will not, under normal use conditions rot, pit, or corrode, and that they will maintain their proper original color characteristics.
2 years: Stainless Steel Shafted Rollers, Stainless Steel Latch, Handle, Top Roller Brackets, Cables, Tracks and Counterbalance Assembly, (Operator).
90 Days: Consumables; All Seals, Strap

Claim Process:

All warranty claims must be in writing to RoaDor and pre approved by RoaDor. The RoaDor warranty claim form should be utilized to provide complete information. The claim request must include the door serial number, (inside top left on the door), date of the claim, your contact information and a full description of the problem. If pictures would assist with the explanation please provide them; (e-mail to RoaDor will assess the claim based on the information provided. All claim submissions must be submitted immediately after discovery of the problem.