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RoaDor Maintenance

RoaDor Doors have been engineered with our clients in mind. Our doors are designed to be virtually maintenance free to provide years of uninterrupted service, reducing fleet operating costs and enhancing productivity. The unique integral hinge system and stainless steel rollers mean no rust and require no lubrication or greasing. The PVC door panels do not rust or delaminate ensuring the door looks great for years.

Regular Maintenance:

Winter Conditions - Important:

Slush from road conditions may gather along the sill particularly at the bottom corners. When the door is operated, this slush can fall into the door opening and freeze, particularly in severe low temp conditions such as ice cream. This slush can form into a solid ice mass in the corners which prevents the door from sealing evenly along the sill. If allowed to remain, this will interfere with proper door action and cause damage to the panels by potentially allowing dirt and ice to form inside the door joints and damage to the latch.

This ice along the sill and particularly where it builds up in the corners must be cleared out. Failure to do so could impact your door warranty. The ice can be cleared out with the application of a non corrosive ice melter product on the door sill in the corners at the beginning of each shipping day or manually clear the slush and ice during normal route deliveries.