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Installation Instructions

Unlike Todco & Whiting style doors whose panels are pinned together by their hinges. RoaDor panels with their patented integral hinge slide together which can cause the panels to walk side to side if the door tracks are not spaced properly.

To work properly Roador door tracks must be the exact same distance apart over their entire length. As much as we would like to believe trailers and truck bodies have the same fit and finish as automobiles... they don't. This is especially true of refrigerated bodies where the interior liners can become wavy after the foaming process.

The first step in ordering or installing a RoaDor is simple. Measure the distance from wall to wall along the entire length of where your door track will mount.

The smallest or tightest measurement becomes your door track maximum width.

Tracks must be shimmed in wider areas to maintain that distance. If your measurements vary from 93-1/2" to 94-1/4" then 93-1/2" becomes your track spacing and all wider areas must be shimmed to maintain 93-1/2" over the entire length.

Once you determine your maximum width, 93-1/2" in this example, the door measurement is 3-1/2" less or 90". It's that simple.

We have provided installation instructions from Roador as well as Tips & Tricks to make sure your Roador experience is a positive one!