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RoaDor Hardware & Accessories

RoaDor™ Stainless Steel Lock
Our stainless steel lock is designed for the 21st century roll up door. It is rust free, easy to operate, strong yet light in weight. It is made of 300 series high-grade stainless steel. It is self-adjusting by moving the locking point approximately 1' to the right of the main pin. This makes the lock unable to prematurely release.
Stainless Steel Rollers
Our rollers have nylon heads and 4.5' stainless steel shanks. They are ingeniously installed without use of brackets or screws. Instead, RoaDor™ utilizes the unique properties of PVC and stainless steel to eliminate the hardware that so often fails in standard doors. The result is a rust-proof, maintenance free sturdy door that is amazingly quiet. It simply must be seen in operation to appreciate the exquisite logic that underscores this truly revolutionary design.
Nylon Composite Handle
Our nylon composite handle incorporates the separate strap fixture and the normal handle fixture into one non-rusting, ergonomically friendly fixture on the RoaDor™.
PVCSide Spring
Our unique side springs both center the door and make the door secure.

Steel Door Saver - Optional Equipment Our innovative door saver prevents any loose freight from damaging the RoaDor™. The door saver absorbs the impact of large loose freight.
Other Options:

Two Point Slam Lock

Header (mounted) seal:
Provides an additional seal for the top of the door. Ideal for reffer applications Special Mounting Brackets and angles:
Available upon request Alternate applications:
RoaDor is ideally suited for alternate applications such as warehouse applications. This is available upon request.