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Environmental Statement

American Truck & Trailer is committed to leaving the smallest environmental footprint from both the byproducts and energy needs of our day to day operations.

Like most we recycle cans, glass and plastic bottles as well as paper and cardboard. Unlike most we also recycle oil filters, oil, batteries, brake shoes and the various scrap metals from our repair operation.

When we built our facility in 1995 we developed 60% of our site leaving as many trees and green areas as possible. We also employed the latest technologies making the building as energy efficient as possible.

In 2008 with financial assistance from the State of New Jersey we replaced many of our building systems beginning with all of our lighting, both inside and out, cutting our energy consumption from lighting by 50%.

At the same time we replaced our rotary screw air compressor. The new compressor is powered by a variable drive electric motor, cutting consumption by 30%.

We also replaced the HVAC systems for both our office and support areas. The new hybrid systems use an electric heat pump to supply heat while the outside temperature is above 32 degrees and a variable flame furnace when temperatures are below. The AC carries a SEER rating of and the furnace has an efficiency rating of 96.

The only original system not upgraded was the high efficiency two stage infrared heaters in the shop and parts room

Our most important energy upgrade was the installation of a 150kw solar system completed in August 2008. Using 780 Kyocera photovoltaic panels and a Satcon inverter the system supplies 100% of our electric needs.

For a more in-depth look at our green initiative click the Going Green tab.